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Title Sheet music: "M'Yes"
Collection Lany Collection
Object Name Music, Sheet
Caption M'Yes sheet music
Scope & Content Sheet music: "M'Yes". Written by George Dance, composed by George Ison, and "Sung with Immense Success" by G.H. MacDermott.

Publisher: Hopwood & Crew, 42 New Bond Street, London. n.d., but circa 1886-1887 - "W. Hall, Jan. 7th 1887" is handwritten on cover. ("1886" has been lined through - presumably, then as now, in early January it's easy to slip up and write the previous year by mistake).
Rear cover features a list and samples of other popular comic songs.

Relevance to transportation is that one of fifteen verses refers to a lady being able to ride a horse but not a bicycle? Cover art includes cartouches showing a woman riding a horse but shunning a bicycle. See lyrics below for reference. 5 pp. Approximately 10½"x14¼".

We all have our good qualities, our bad ones too as well,
On both of which a person often thrives, m'yes!
Our Statesmen well may rule some forty millions out of doors,
While at home they often fail to rule their wives; m'yes!

A cat can catch a mouse, but then it cannot catch a thief,
Which proves what I've to say up to the hilt; m'yes!
Our capacity for undertaking anything in life,
Depends upon the way that we are built, m'yes!

A signer may warble, a singer may trill,
And carol a Heavenly lay, m'yes!
But if he's a Bass he can't get up to G,
Because he ain't built that way.

A lady may skip, and a lady may jump
And canter around on her bay, m'yes!
But she can't ride a bicycle like her PaPa,
Because she ain't built that way.

A lawyer may pray, and a lawyer may fast,
And practise a sanctified lay, m'yes!
But he won't reach the place where the good niggers go,
Because he ain't built that way!

The ocean may heave, and the ocean may roar,
And sparkle and foam in the bay, m'yes!
But it doesn't mix well with one's whiskey or gin,
Because it ain't built that way.

A brewer may mash, and a brewer may boil,
And make a great steam every day, m'yes!
But he never brews beer from pure and pure hops,
Because it ain't built that way.

A man may be cunning, a man may be smart,
And go home at dawning of day, m'yes!
But he can't creep up stairs without making 'em creak,
Because they ain't built that way.

A tartlet may charm, and a tartlet may mash,
And look like a Venus by day, m'yes!
But her charms disappear when she takes off her dress,
Because she ain't built that way.

A barber may smile, and a barber may bow,
And obsequent deference pay, m'yes!
But he can't keep the lather-brush out of one's mouth,
Because he ain't built that way.

Free trade may delight, and free trade may give joy,
To Germs and Yanks as they say, m'yes
But it won't keep our own native workmen employed
Because it ain't built that way.

Lord Randolph may twirl, and Lord Randolph may twist,
And train his moustache every day, m'yes!
But he can't make it curl without using some soap.
Because it ain't built that way.

A wife may be child-like, a wife may be bland,
And ne'er make a jealous display, m'yes!
But she won't let the housemaid sit up for the boss [alternate written in pencil: on her hub's lap,
Because she ain't built that way.

A bloater may feed, and a bloater may fill,
A masher on five bob a day, m'yes!
But it won't make him hearty and brawny and fat,
Because it ain't built that way.

British guns may be large, British guns may be true,
And fill all the world with dismay, m'yes!
But they can't be let off without bursting, you know,
Because they ain't built that way.

Will Gladstone may worry and Gladstone may fret,
And make a long speech every day
But he can't make us think he's a glorious old man
Because he ain't built that way.

Macdermott may try and Macdermott may strive,
To get encore verses each day
But he can't go on singing till daylight appears.
Because he ain't built that way."

Additional verse handwritten inside front cover:
A Tart may swagger& a Tart may swell
But when she bathes in the Bay, m'yes
She can't retain her form very well
Because she ain't built that way!!
Note: William Gladstone was 4 time British Prime Minister and political rival of Benjamin Disraeli.

Accession# 2005G1273
Subjects Bicycles--Women
Sheet music
Object ID 2005G1273.3
Date ca. 1887
Year Range from 1886
Year Range to 1887
Imagefile 003\2005G12733.JPG