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Set of (16) transportation-related U.S. postage stamps - Transportation - Philately Collection

Set of (16) transportation-related U.S. postage stamps. Cancellation dates unclear. (8) of trucks, labeled on back "Post Office Truck Used 1927-51 Special Delivery Stamp Perf. 11x10x12. Catalog Description: 20-Cent Black". (3) of motorcycles, labeled on back "Special Delivery Used 1927-51 Motorcycle Delivery. Catalog Description: 10-Cent Gray Violet". (2) of motorcycles (orange), mislabeled on back but 15-cent stamps featuring special delivery motorcycles. (3) of railroad handcars (green), mislabeled on back but 3-cent stamps featuring 1880s handcars. Mint, and newer than the other stamps in this collection - likely 1983.

Image of Air Mail Service files -

Air Mail Service files -

Assorted materials related to air mail; souvenir postage stamps and philatelic covers and cards, some with commemorative cancellations, are included.

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Souvenir Stamps files - See "Air Mail Service files" -

Assorted souvenir postage stamps, some related to transportation and some related to air mail. See also 2015.1033, set of (16) transportation-related U.S. postage stamps, in Archives catalog.